In Certain Professional Courses
Students also get opportunity to work with the faculty on exciting consultancy and other state or private sponsored projects.
The faculty gives personal attention to the students and interacts with them closely on a one-to-one basis. The students are assessed through a system of continuous evaluation involving assignments, tests, research review and documentation, presentation, industry-internships projects, and written examinations.
Keeping pace with latest developments of concepts in the world of education, A.K.G College has maintained a well equipped central-library with a large array of books, journals and published resources of Indian and foreign authors. A fully qualified Librarian organizes, separate small departmental Libraries to facilitate B.Ed students.
Computer and other Laboratories (Science E.T. and Language Laboratories of B.Ed)
An extensive infrastructure comprising of the state-of-art hardware and software has been established at computer-center of the A.K.G College. The laboratory is well equipped with facilities of Compaq Pentium systems, Server machine, Digitizer, Plotter, Radio modem pad, Laser printers and projects. The computer lab has its own resource base. Latest software packages, CD Rom tiles, books, magazines and journals are available.
Laboratories for courses
The college is equipped with separate laboratories for working on psychological, educational tests and experiments and carrying out training activities related to the courses of psychology, Education and Home Science.
A.K.G College has a room in its campus which provides perfect latitude to exhibit the toil and talents of its students. The establishment of this room is based on the motive of overall development of personality and students are given opportunities to participate in various cultural and community service programmes, games, exhibitions etc organized by teachers and N S S personnel's.
Bus Service
A.K.G College also provides a bus service facility to its students to and from the college on nominal monthly charges.
A.K.G College presently does has a hosted facility of its own arranges to lodge students in nearby residential buildings. However providing separate hostels for boys and girls is an important agenda on its future-plan documents.
The College has a canteen facility in its campus premises. The welfare committee for student’s keep a vigilant watch and check on the quality and standard of the eatables served in the canteen on a regular basis.
Bachelor in Education
Award : Graduate Degree (As per NCTE total no of seats in College is 100)
No of Seats = 100 students
Bachelor In Commerce
Award :Graduate Degree (As Prescribed by Affiliating Body / Uttar Pradesh Govt)
Total no of seats= 80 students
BA Bed
Award :Professional Degree (As Prescribed by Affiliating Body / Uttar Pradesh Govt)
Total no of seats= 100 students


We aim to shape the profession of education by developing leaders in education, research and practice. We accomplish this through our outstanding baccalaureate, graduate and continuing education programs. To provide the opportunity to urban and rural students to be a part of growing health care services in the Country.


We will become a nationally recognized top B.Ed college that develops leaders for education, research and practice. Our faculty, staff and students jointly create a rich and vibrant community. We enhance the quality and efficiency of education, practice, and research by incorporating state-of -the-art technology. The vision of A K G College is to provide a nurturing environment that infuses qualitative education.


Our primary responsibility is the education of students, who come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, enabling them to acquire the foundation of knowledge, skills, values and attitude in the area of education.